Can rice water lighten the skin permanently?

Can rice water lighten the skin permanently?

Cosmetic industry is a never dying industry where demand will always remain. Many people indulge-in varieties of products only to look young, instead of actually working on slowing down the ageing process.

We need to understand that consumption of either of these 2 varieties of Rice, which are:

  1. Red rice (Rakta Shaali)
  2. Rice after 60 days of its harvest (Shashtika Shaali)

Out of these 2, Red rice is considered superior for regular consumption, as per Charaka Samhita (An Ayurveda text)

The properties of these 2 varieties of rice are:

  1. Nourishing & wholesome
  2. Promotes strength
  3. Beneficial to the voice, complexion

Now, how to use rice for improving the skin complexion?

  1. Consume Red rice or 60-day harvested rice daily
  2. External application of Rice-water

For external application, one can prepare Rice-water in any of the below methods

  1. Water from boiled rice: Pre-rinsed rice, grains and water (in 1:4 ratio) should be boiled (not pressure-cooked!) over a low flame. Allow the rice to become soft. Turn off the flame and drain the contents to get rice-water.

  2. Water from soaked rice: Pre-rinsed rice grains should be soaked in water (1:4 ratio) and allowed to stand for half an hour or an hour. Filter the contents to get rice-water.

  3. Water from fermented rice: The procedure used for preparing soaked rice is followed and allowed to stand in a vessel with a lid at room temperature for 24 to 30 hours.

Soaked rice-water and fermented rice-water can be refrigerated once prepared.

It can be applied as a face-pack regularly or can be used as a face-wash too.

Dr. Aruna S Iyengar