How does Ayurveda support schizophrenia?

How does Ayurveda support schizophrenia?

It depends on, what is the severity of the disease. Usually Ayurveda has many intellects promoting drugs and therapies which helps. In my experience I have not seen anyone completely be cured of severe schizophrenia. In such condition, medicated ghee and therapies are advised. There are many paper published and researches done. Not very conclusive. The best way to handle it is “Holistic Integrative Therapy”, which includes the best of everything whatever helps patients.

Āyurvēda believes in treatment as a whole with compassion. It is said the patient has to be treated like a son with care and love. Schizophrenia, a disease that is mainly caused due to excess mental stress, over thinking, etc factors should be treated with proper tools. Āyurvēda again characterized the diseases, not only the factors affecting the body but also the mind and its treatment. When Āyurvēda divided its specialties ; a department on psychology is duly taken care of even in olden days. There are detailed scriptures which support psychological disorders and its management. The treatment modalities adopted by Āyurvēda are duly given importance to mind and then to body.

It is said stabilizing the mind is the foremost aim through counseling and consoling the patient. Also, as a part of this holistic approach due purification of the body is required for which following methods are adopted.

  1. Oleation, sudation , and then either emesis therapy or purgation therapy as per the body type.
  2. Once the body regains its strength moving on to the next stage as medicated enema therapy.
  3. Nasal instillations.

The above approaches are to treat both the mind and body to give the best result. Apart from these, adapting a good daily and seasonal routines slowly will definitely help the person to recover well. Since Āyurvēda believes in life style management and prevention of a disease, these routines can help the person to lead a happy life.

Dr. Akhilesh Varrier