I would like to know some immunity-boosting tips from Ayurveda

I would like to know some immunity-boosting tips from Ayurveda

First of all, let’s understand this: Immunity does not increase in a day, we have to build it through our daily lifestyle & seasonal regimen, but that does not mean that we can’t improve right now also! No, we can improve with our diet and lifestyle.

In Ayurveda, we say, Aushadh, Ahar and Vihar, means Medicine, Food & Daily regimen / The seasonal regimen is gradually more powerful than the previous, which means compare to Medicine, our food is more powerful and the Daily regimen. The seasonal regimen is more powerful than Food.

Let see what lifestyle and food we have to maintain to keep ourselves healthy during this epidemic time.


Waking up early in the morning will keep our digestion good and hunger on time. As waking up late then it will increase Kapha (heaviness in body) so wake up early and pray. It will purify the environment around you.


  • The first thing is use warm water in drinking compulsory. When you heat water, then only it becomes light in digestion.
  • Second thing, use of some herbs to prepare Panak – means whole day drinking medicated water. Preparation : Take 2 liter of water and add any of the herbs like Sunthi (ginger), Chandan (Sandal wood), Tulsi (basal leaves), Usir (Vetiver), Ajwain (Carrom seeds), Dhana (coriander seeds). Boil for 15mins, then filter it and drink the whole day.


Steam inhalation with Tulsi (holy basil) Haridra (turmeric), Ajwain (Carrom Seeds).


Tulsi Coffee Or Tea : yes, many people have the habit of taking coffee, so you can add Tusli (holy basil), Sunthi (Ginger), Marich (Black Pepper), Elaichi (Cardamom) with  Jaggery or Sugar. You can even add a little bit of  Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) and Vasa (Adathoda) as well.

Golden Milk : Drink 1glass of  Milk With ½ spoon of Haridra (Turmeric) at night. Or whenever you have the habit of taking drink like this.


Gargling with Turmeric / Yastimadhu (Liquorice) / Salt / Trifala / Sesame oil. You can gargle 2-3times in a day.


Keep your nose moist so microbes don't penetrate a dry membrane. You can use Sesame oil 2 drops and put in both nostrils. This will protect not only from microbes also from pollution in the future.


Dhoopanm : Means medicated smoke can be done in house to purify the air. You can use Camphor / Neem (Azadirecta) / Coconut shell / Guguglu (Commiphora Mukul).


Do eat easily digestible food like green gram (make mung water, boiled mung) for eating. 

Take light food which you can digest easily. Less food- take 30% less of your stomach capacity. So it can digest fully. Mostly disease comes when due to indigestion our body don’t get good nourishment and disturb immunity

You can make the chutney (Herbal paste) of Amlaki (Indian gooseberry), Curry leaf, Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric.

Cooked Vegetables : Add more of Ginger, turmeric while preparation or eat a piece of  fresh ginger n turmeric with food.

Things which should be avoided during this time is : heavy, spicy, oily, junk food, curd, cold drinks, cold water, head bath, mental stress, exposure to AC or direct fan.


Do some fasting : yes, fasting also increase your digestion as well as immunity, as per Ayurveda undigested food creates disease or disturbs Dosha in the body so you are more prone to fall sick. When you give rest to your body instead of the current food, it digests previous undigested food in your body. This improves PHAGOCYTOSIS in the body. 


Now few herbs, if you can available in your country, then you can take it as a preventive care, like

A) Guduchi : Tinopsora Cordifolia, which is widely available in many countries in the form of powder or tablet. It is proven for its Rasayan effect, which means rejuvenation of cells in the body and works even in allergies n cold also

B) Yastimadhu : “Liquorice” : One of the best herb for URTI, take 1 spoon of Yastimadhu, add in 1.5 glass of water, add tulsi leaves or Trikatu churn means Ginger, Black pepper and Long pepper add pinch of salt with that and boil unto 1 cup and drink it.
Product name : Yastimadhu Churn, Yastimadhu Ghanvati or Make Decocotion as mentioned

C) Vasa : Adhatoda : Which is also Kapha removal in nature. And strengthens the lung’s capacity. It can be use with Honey or Sarkara (Sugar) as in powder form or tablet form
Product name : Vasa Ghanvati Or Vasa Churn

D) Sudarsan tab : It’s Tridosha har, in any kind of fever, its best medicine.
Product name : Sudarsan Ghanvati Or Sudarsan Tab


Turmeric with honey in the morning with warm water

Amla juice (Indian gooseberry) mix with honey can be taken in the morning as Amla rich source of Vit C and Honey is antioxidant so provide good O2 in the blood.

 Sunthi churn (dry ginger powder) with honey or warm water around 10 o'clock in the morning so it will create good hunger and digest extra Kapha in the body


Do some Yoga , Meditation or Pranayam in the morning or whenever you free. Let me remind you everyone is completely free, so no excuse of being busy. This will help in mind relaxation as well. As in this situation many problems we might be facing, family, job, financial problems, sitting whole day home might depress you a bit, and anxiety n depression cause of lower down immunity. This will help in strengthen your mind as well as thoughts. As Food is the source of energy for the body. Meditation is a food / energy source of mind.