Is it better to drink milk at night or the morning?

Is it better to drink milk at night or the morning?

Here is my answer.

The first thing a child consumes is Milk. So this tells us it is extremely important for human body.

Milk has various properties such as its cold in nature, it’s sweet, keeps you happy, drinking milk provides satisfaction, increases vitality, keeps tiredness away, delays old age (anti ageing) & increases life span, keeps many diseases at bay, decreases burning sensation, quenches thirst, good for bones, gives strength to the body etc. Except vitamin C, milk provides various vitamins & nutrients required for a body, so it is a complete meal & nectar to the body.

Who should drink milk?
Milk should be taken by children, elderly, pregnant ladies, people who do a lot of strenuous activity, have sex frequently, do lots of workouts & exercise and suffer from excessive hunger.
Normally everyone can have milk if they are not suffering from lactose intolerance & major illness. (Consult your doctor for further guidance in such cases for consumption of milk).

When should milk be consumed in morning or at night?
Milk should be consumed in morning if your previous night food is digested & your bowel movements are proper and when one is feeling light. In such case one will not suffer from problems of gases, bloating, indigestion etc.
Milk should be consumed at night when one suffers from insomnia, bowel movements etc.
One gets different benefits of milk when consumed at different times of day.

Which milk should be consumed?
A2 type (Desi Indian cow) milk boiled & when warm is best to consume as it is easy to digest & has lots of benefits.
In the absence of it one can opt for Buffalo’s milk or other milks.

Do & don’ts of milk

  • Milk should be taken warm - Avoid too hot & too cold milk
  • Milk should be taken with a pinch of nutmeg, turmeric or dry ginger powder as it helps in digestion & decreases Kapha.
  • Milk should be consumed with ghee(clarified butter) when one suffers from improper bowel moments, dryness etc (consult your doctor for the same).
  • Milk should be consumed with honey or sugar to naturally enhance its taste.
  • Don’t drink milk with food as it is Viruddh (opposite combination) as food contains sour items, salt, fried stuff etc. It will also be heavy for digestion.
  • In cases of excessive weight (obesity) drink milk without cream.
  • Don’t sleep immediately after taking milk. Keep a gap of 30 - 90 mins.
  • Don’t consume anything for 2 hours after taking milk.

Dr. Shilpi Kotwani.
Dr. Shilpi k