Please explain the concept of Satvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik food

Please explain the concept of Satvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik food


Only human beings have the capacity to procure knowledge and upgrade in life. Knowledge is for mind like food is for body. To acquire knowledge, our senses should be intact. For our senses to be perfect again, energy is utilized, which ultimately is an end product of digestion. So eating consciously is important to get good health and wisdom.   

Modern times are tough in the sense we have to choose what to eat. Actually we have quite a large variety of stuff around us, whatever we want, whenever we want and wherever we want it. Olden times we had a fixed menu, and we followed traditional food habits, so we only had to be careful of how it is cooked and how you eat and digest it. Now globalization and crooked business mentalities taking charge of every walk of life, we have got be more vigilant about our food. Recently there was an article where a teen girl had a pathetic end of life in a hotel after an anaphylactic reaction when she had a Virudhu (unhealthy) combination of food.

        It's time we should know a little more about foods.  

In Ayurveda food and digestive fire are the most important criteria for well-being. Good food gives good physical health and a chance for well-being. We have categorization of food as Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik based on the kind of subtle energies it imparts to an individual.

Satvik kind of foods are the ones which provide positive energy to the individual. It nourishes ,refreshes and stabilizes us. Such foodstuffs help to keep us calm and content. They make us happy and persuade us to be the reason for others’ happiness too. Foods generally falling in this category include fresh ones like freshly ripened fruits, fresh vegetables, cow’s ghee, cow’s milk, butter, honey, cereals, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, nuts etc.

Rajasic kind of foods are the ones causing aggressiveness in us. It contributes to our anger, greediness and competitive mentality. Mostly the foods referred here are the spicy ones, fried ones, too dry and salty ones . It includes red chilies, peppers, curd, non vegetarian foods etc .

Tamasic foods are the ones that create lower energy levels. It creates a feeling of laziness, lethargy and drops us to ignorance with its prolonged usage. These are usually the stale ones, frozen ones, foods kept overnight ,reheated ones, heavy foodstuff etc. Among milks in Ayurveda buffalo milk is considered very heavy and imparts Tamasa property and thereby it is advocated for certain sleep disorders .

Certain foods acts as rajasic for some time and afterwards it starts kicking on the tamasic nature in us like drugs, alcohol etc.

It is very important to know well about food before you consume it and it is also important how your food is cooked, served and eaten as all the vibrations has its effect on how it gets digested, absorbed and assimilated by our body.

 Wishing everyone  best of health.

Dr. Anusha Bhatt