Please suggest ‘Rasayana Chikitsa’ in these COVID-19 times

Please suggest ‘Rasayana Chikitsa’ in these COVID-19 times.

It depends on person to person with what severity he/she had suffered.

More over, the Virus affects our Lungs badly. Also, most people have a history of many days’ fever. So our tissue also get damaged.

Depend on situation.

Ashwagandha tab or powder can be used for post Covid lethargy, weakness or to strengthen the tissues.

Suvarna Vasant Malti Rasa also good for Rasayan if pt is old age, having weakness after Covid and also it repairs the tissues.

To be on light diet for at least 2-3 months, as one should avoid curd, heavy meals, outside food, fried food and spicy n sweeter food. Should follow seasonal diet as well

Should do mild yoga and Pranayam. Heavy physical activities should avoid at least for 2months.

Do consult nearby Vaidya for better guidance.