Should fruits be eaten before or after meals?

Should fruits be eaten before or after meals?

As per Ayurveda, our meals always should start with sweet foods-Madhuram Ashneeyath. Mostly all the fruits are sweet and contains fructose. So when we are hungry our agni(digestive power) will be high and it can digest the heavy(sweets) foods easily. So it is good to eat fruits in the beginning of the meals or one hour prior to the meal. Citrus fruits can be taken along with meal, and we should end our diet with “Kashaya Rasa”. So we can have buttermilk or pan at the end, no other fruits.

  • It is also good to have fruits as snacks instead as meals as we need to give a gap of at least 1 hour to have the next meal after the intake of fruits
  • Eating fruits in the early morning is not advisable as the Agni will be low. To break the fast it is good to have light foods

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Dr. Shalini UA

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