What are some good home remedies for wrinkles?

What are some good home remedies for wrinkles?

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Wrinkles are common natural creases that occur to almost all of us in due process of ageing; other than for very few exceptions like certain genetic mutations. In skin care the saying is all the more relevant - Prevention is better than cure. If proper care is taken, damage to the skin can be positively restricted to a great extent.

Few musts in skin care:

  1. Follow balanced diet(Include nourishing foods in daily diet–esp.those rich in Vit- A, Vit –C,
    Vit- E, Proteins) and stick to regular food timings.
  2. Restrict sugar intake to minimum. (Keep a check on all foods with high glycemic index)
  3. Make sure that water intake is adequate.
  4. Get adequate sound sleep.
  5. Before bath a healthy individual should do regular gentle oil massage and 10 –15 minutes of
    Mild exercises. Pay attention to individual strength and seasonal variations. Muscles get
    toned well and circulation gets good boost by this. The whole process slows down aging to a
    Great extent
  6. Do regular pranayama and meditation at least for 5 minutes. Preferably during morning
    hours in an atmosphere of healthy plants. (These 5- 10minutes can do a lot of help for the
    whole day and whole life)
  7. Say no to stress- Spread and take happiness –Believe me it works.
  8. Avoid too much direct hot sun or take enough precautions if unavoidable.
  9. Avoid vigorous soap usage that removes a lot of moisture and natural oil from the skin, leaving it
    dry. (Go for milder ones or switch to natural ones like dried Gooseberry powder, Green gram
    powder or Gram flour once a while)
  10. Put an end to any harmful habits like smoking that deprive your cell of good oxygen.

Ayurvedic seasonal cleansing therapies followed by adequate rejuvenative medicines play an important role in removing toxins and keeping aging progression at par, especially in facial and neck wrinkles medicated nasal drops works wonders. These procedures can be done only under strict medical supervision.

7 Remedies that can be tried at home

  1. Massage using almond oil, sesame oil or coconut oil for 20 -30minutes. In the face,the direction
    Of massage should be from the chin region towards the upper cheek for tightening up the skin.
  2. Make a habit to have a cup of Carrot, Beetroot, Celery, Tomato, Onion or Sweet potato soup
    at least once a week
  3. Make a habit of having Apple, Orange or Lemon juice at least once a week.
  4. Massage with juice of Pineapple, Papaya, Cucumber, Carrot or Beetroot over the affected
    areas for 20 minutes and wash of.
  5. Apply mask with paste of edibles like cucumber, apple, pineapple or mango mixed in rose
    water, aloe-vera, lemon, honey, or milk. These enrich local skin. This can be washed
    after keeping for half an hour.
  6. Massage with paste made of Shashtika rice (also known as Navara ) boiled in milk for 20-
    30 minutes. Preferably with a mild warm temperature and wash of.
  7. Apply mask made with Multani Mitti, carrot and olive oil and wash of in 20- 30minutes.

For better results keep using these recipes once or twice a week.

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Dr Anusha

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