What are the signs that your immunity is failing?

What are the signs that your body gives that your immunity is failing?

Well, Immunity is not a thing build in a day, but yes it can be destructed overnight. Lots of criteria need to be looked upon when you think your immunity is low.

  1. Whether you have good sleep or not?
  2. Do you get up easily?
  3. Do you get hunger naturally or not?
  4. Do you get your motion regular, easy or not?
  5. How you feel after food - Heavy, bloated, light?

Well, each has its question & answer…

If your immunity is failing, then what are the reasons: maybe late night sleep, late waking up, over eating, consumption of junk-food, no exercise, eating but no energy.

Ultimately, when you are doing Apathya Ahar (wrong food habits) & Apahya Vihar (wrong daily habits), you are going to be the cause of immunity collapse.

Dr. Dhara Barai