What dietary changes can I make to flatten my stomach?

What dietary changes can I make to flatten my stomach?


A bulged abdomen is one of the conditions where the person feels the bulkiness of the abdominal region. This may be due to many reasons like gas distension, constipation, obesity, acid reflux etc. But mostly all are related to an irregular diet or life style. Here I suggest some food and drinks that can be added to your diet. Along with the diet, small exercises or Yogasanas are also advisable.


  1. Try to get up early morning, at least by 6.00, because late day sleep will disturb your metabolism and toxicity will start to settle in your body.
  2. Do pranayama (breathing exercise) to refresh your mind and body with full of energy, this corrects hormonal imbalances and hormonal imbalances disturbs digestion leading to a bulky abdomen.
  3. After resting for 5 minutes, start your day with a healthy herbal drink. To one glass of water, add one spoon of crushed cumin powder and a small piece of jaggery, boil this and have one glass of this lukewarm drink. This helps to clear accumulated gas and clears the bowel easily.
  4. Keep your breakfast healthy. You can have natural fruit juices, hot beverages etc. You can have rice, barley or wheat prepared normal breakfast with less oil and ghee. Avoid cold drinks in breakfast menu, avoid non veg in morning diet, Avoid pastries, sweet creamy biscuits etc. A healthy small breakfast will help to ignite to digestive fire and gives light feeling to your stomach
  5. You can drink buttermilk or warm water as frequently in between meals.
  6. Take lunch after 3-4 hrs of having breakfast. Reduce the quantity of food to three-fourth in noon time and eat a bowl of boiled vegetables or salads after the main course.
  7. Drink a cup of black tea in the evening if needed. Avoid high sugar and snacks, especially deep-fried ones
  8. Take dinner before 7-8 pm. Have wheat or barley or oats items to reduce the quantity of the main course and add a glass of fruit juice (Fruits rich with Vitamin C are good ) or a bowl of fruit salad .
  9. To sleep well, do meditation before sleep. Try to sleep before 10-11 pm i.e. keep two -three hours between dinner and bed time.


  1. Avoid snacking between food
  2. Drink water in one or two sips at a time .
  3. Eat only when you feel hungry.
  4. Do normal stretching exercise when you are free for at least half an hour. (Make sure you are not full stomach)
  5. If you eat meat, better to eat meat during lunchtime and opt for a vegetarian meal for dinners

Consult an Ayurveda expert to create dietary plans that takes into account your other health conditions

Thank you ,
Dr. Divya PS