Which activities should be avoided during pregnancy?

Which activities should be avoided during pregnancy?

These are the few avoids being followed during pregnancy, shown in the picture.

A few points to elaborate:

  1. Posture - Avoid sitting on a chair or sofa with legs hanging down for a long time. You can sit placing the legs in a diamond shape. (such as in Bhadrsana) This is to make sure the pelvic region or the hip region is kept open and expanded

  2. If you want to pick something from a level lower than your knees, do not bend the upper body downwards; instead, bend the knees keeping the spine straight and then pick up the object.

  3. Sleeping posture - Never sleep in the prone position. You can lie down on your back, but not more than 20 to 30 minutes. Sleeping over the back presses the abdominal aorta that carries the blood to the uterus where the foetus is growing.

Sleeping on the ‘Left’ side is recommended (if required a pillow can be placed below for support). The descending colon and the rectum are on the left side of the body; thereby easy evacuation of bowels is possible.
Also, the ‘Agni’ is present towards the left part of the stomach; hence a better digestion is achieved.

  1. Controlling the urge of Flatulence can lead to pressure build-up on the uterus, nausea, burping
    Controlling the urge of Urination can lead to Urinary tract infections, cramps due to full bladder
    Controlling the urge of Defecation can lead to loss of appetite and improper growth of foetus

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